Achievements are a way of tracking game progress. There are 38 achievements in Crystal Story II.


Name Description Notes
Chapter I Completed Chapter I -
Chapter II Completed Chapter II -
Chapter III Completed Chapter III -
Chapter IV Completed Chapter IV -
Chapter V Completed Chapter V -
Scavenger Clear out the Sunken Ruins Unlockable after completing the main story
Warden Clear out Lao Prison Unlockable after completing the main story
Giant Killer Clear out Giant Land Unlockable after completing the main story
Doom Bringer Clear out Doom Lair Unlockable after completing the main story
Slayers Crystal Completed Slayer tree Reached Slayer V with any character
Guardian Crystal Completed Guardian tree Reached Guardian V with any character
Thief Crystal Completed Thief tree Reached Thief V with any character
Mage Crystal Completed Mage tree Reached Elementalist V with any character
Trickster Crystal Completed Trickster tree Reached Trickster V with any character
Healer Crystal Completed Healer tree Reached Healer V with any character
Dragon's Roar Used D's Dragon's Roar Weapon II Charge Skill used by D
Dragon's Breath Used D's Dragon's Breath Weapon III Charge Skill used by D
Dragon's Rage USed D's Dragon's Rage Weapon IV Charge Skill used by D
Cursed Dagger Used Lina's Cursed Dagger Weapon II Charge Skill used by Lina
Lucky Strike Used Lina's Lucky Strike Weapon III Charge Skill used by Lina
Cyclone Dance Used Lina's Cyclone Dance Weapon IV Charge Skill used by Lina
Snipe Used Mari's Snipe Weapon II Charge Skill used by Mari
Magic Bullet Used Mari's Magic Bullet Weapon III Charge Skill used by Mari
Trigger Happy Used Mari's Trigger Happy Weapon IV Charge Skill used by Mari
Rend Used Kaz's Rend Weapon II Charge Skill used by Kaz
Hurricane Used Kaz's Hurricane Weapon III Charge Skill used by Kaz
Death's Gate Used Kaz's Death's Gate Weapon IV Charge Skill used by Kaz
Bestiary Completed: 122/122 There are 178 enemies in the game. There are 122 non-boss beasts; so, you can get this achievement without fully killing the bestiary bosses.
Wanted Wanted Completed: 15/15 Side-quests offered in towns, completed
Wanted X Wanted X Completed: 15/15 Side-quests offered in towns after completing the main story, completed
Defense Defense Completion: 10/10 (Zombie/Mummy/Skeleton/Yeti) Defense (I/II), completed
Fishing Fished all Rares: 18/18 (Locations)
Snowboard Extreme Get Gold on Track 3 Complete Track 3 of Snowboard in under 1:20
Mercenary Defense Won all Mercenary Defense Complete Level 7 of Mercenary Defense
Slime Tamer Achieved Pet Level 10 Acquire 50+ pet parts
Hackpicker Hackpicked Chests: 15/15 (Locked Chests)
Generic Quest Complete the Secret Quest Find all four generic items
First! Win your first battle! This is the most difficult achievement, it will require the patience of a Dargon King ;) (on the sole account that the intro cutscene and chatter is several minutes long)

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