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Adorable Snowman (141)
Adorable Snowman
HP: 19500 / 71500(H)
ATK: 700 / 2500(H)
MAG: 700 / 2500(H)
SPD: 260 / 1000(H)
Stat Up Armor Up
Stat Down Armor Down
Enemy Skill Impale
Enemy Skill Double Attack
Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 120%
Wind: 75%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
800 / 6400(H)
4000 / 28000(H)
 Grandma Qua's formerly adorable pet kitty. Then he decided to emancipate himself and turned hippy, putting on a youngster cap and growing extra long hair(s). 

If a hat or crown can make a monster that much stronger, I wonder why none of the characters are wearing any.



Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion III ? Both
Heal Potion IV ? Hard
Mana Potion II ? Normal
Mana Potion III ? Hard
Flask ? Hard
Gem T ~50% ?
Gem T ? Hard


Item Rarity Mode
Mana Potion III ? ?
Stat HP ? Hard
Flask ? Both
Scrap Metal(s)* ? Both
Gem T/Aq ? Hard
Ruby ? Hard
Talisman I ? Normal

(*drops a random number of items, generally 1-5) 



  • Respawn rate seems to be 100% : a player can enter Icy Cave multiple times in a row and find Adorable Snowman standing in the same room every single time.

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