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Birdo (137)
HP: 1080 / 3960(H)
ATK: 200 / 714(H)
MAG: 200 / 714(H)
SPD: 312 / 1200(H)
Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
272 / 544(H)
880 / 1760(H)
 What do you call a weirdo that is also a bird? And Yoshi's friend!

Birdo has been disconcerted from seeing his older brother believing himself to be a Wyvern, and he ended up with personality disorder as well : he went to steal the shirt of a Wolf with all the items (and stats) inside, and started acting like he is the very first Wolf on Aurora Island. What a family! 



Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion III/IV ? Both
Gem T/Aq 100% Both
Fur ? Both
Blood ? Both
Start SPD (rare) Both
Last SPD (rare) Both


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion III ? Normal
Flask ? Both
Scrap Metal ? Both
Gem T/Aq ? Both
Ruby <2% Hard
Fur ? Both
Blood ? Both
Circlet I ? Both
Water Gem (rare) Hard
Wind Gem (rare) Hard
Full Armor I ? ?
Last Strength ? ?
Start All ? ?
Last All ? Hard
Dice ? Hard
SP Ring (rare) Hard



  • After battling a Birdo, a Skywind and an Alkonost, with a Dice equipped, a Last DEF was dropped.
  • Continuous stealing from a Birdo guarantees either a Topaz or an Aquamarine.

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