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Booster is a type of armor in Crystal Story II. It gives a First Strike to the character.

  • First Strike is the ability of a character, at the start the battle, to perform their first move before anyone else and without any delay.
  • This ability is also possessed by the {Wisps} species.
  • In the case of several protagonists having a First Strike in battle, a move priority sets in (that can be observed in normal fights as well, when two protagonists happen to have their move at the -approximate- same time):  

    'D > Lina > Mari > Kaz > Enemy 1 > Enemy 2 > Enemy 3 > Enemy 4 > Enemy 5 > Enemy 6'

  • Example: Lina and Kaz are equipped with Boosters, and we enter a fight with two Fire Wisps; so, the order of turn will be: 'Lina, Kaz, Fire Wisp 1, Fire Wisp 2'.
  • (Only one Booster equippable per character)


Name Effect Min Max Upgrade Max Lv
Booster FIRST STRIKE n/a n/a n/a 1


Monster/{Species} Rarity Mode
Ent ? Hard
Harpy ? Hard
Alkonost ? Normal
Water Elemental ? Both
  • Dropped after battling a Frost Widow and a Shirtless Wolf (Hard Mode), with four Dice equipped (Frost Widow suspected);
  • [unconfirmed] assumed to drop from {Wisps}

See also: List of enemy species

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