• Dargon King, in his first form, can cast Dargon Claw: an attack that will target random characters 4 times, and attempt to put targets to sleep.
  • In Dargon King's second form, Dargon Claw acts like Barrage: the Dargon King randomly attacks single characters four times for about 3/4 of his attack power (around 400 damage each strike) with the ability to stun.
Dargon king dargon claw
  • Finally, the third version of Dargon Claw appears pretty much like the second, except that instead of stunning, the attacks will cast DEF DOWN on the target.

Edit: The nerf applied by Dargon Claw seems to be randomized in unclear ways. From personal gameplay, I acknowledged the above descriptions for the 2nd and 3rd forms/versions; but retrying the battle from a previous backup (before entering the Abyss), the Sleep effect that I encountered against the First Form was replaced by a DEF DOWN effect. So, perhaps the nerf associated with the attack is randomized between battles, or between forms (or between saved games?). Who knows...

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