For Dargon King as a character, see Dargon King.
Dargon King (149)
Dargon King 148
HP: 21000
ATK: 700
MAG: 700
SPD: 442
Enemy Skill Rend
Enemy Skill Frost Nova
Enemy Skill Flame Eater
Enemy Skill Judgement (Dargon King ability)
Enemy Skill Dargon Claw
Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Stun, Blind
Resist Vs
Attack Down, Magic Down, Armor Down, Spirit Down, Speed Down
Dargon King (147)
Dargon King (148)
Dargon King (149)

The third, final and most powerful form the final boss will use before it is defeated, this form is the second of the three to cast Judgement, along with an array of other abilities. 

On the off chance you thought the final fight would be easy, this foe will quickly prove you wrong.



Item Rarity
None -


Item Rarity
None -



If hopefully you refrained from burning your weapon skills on the previous form you can unleash fully charged versions here to drastically speed up the battle. If you still have any Rockets, now's the other good time to burn them, if you don't want to be fighting much longer.

The same strategy you've been using remains true here; buffs, heals, then attacks. If you're in dire straits, don't be afraid of popping your Elixirs or Super Fish to stay alive. If you aren't afraid of losing your Angel Fish for the after game they'll be great for your healer. Dargon King doesn't get that much more scarier compared to his previous form though; don't get bogged down by all the debuffs and keep your stats high for this final fight.


  • (one more time) Judgement will leave your party near death and debuffed, but will not actually kill them, though they won't be able to withstand any further attacks without healing.
  • Defeating this boss deems you no rewards. Saving the world really is priceless!
    • However, in the deluxe version, he will rewards you with gold and SP. Maybe the heroes have just discovered where did he hide the treasure!

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