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Scythe I
Type: Attack
Acquired: Kaz's Starting Weapon

Deathscythe is a type of weapon in Crystal Story II. It is a scythe, and thus can only be used by Kaz. It has a high attack stat, and it has no special ability.

NOTE: As well as the three other starting weapons plus the sword Thunderwing, this scythe can only be acquired once (cannot be bought nor combined).


Tier HP ATK MAG SPD Additional
I 0 30(+6) 15(+3) 15(+3)
II 0 90(+8) 45(+3) 45(+3)
III 0 170(+9) 75(+3) 75(+4)
IV 0 260(+10) 105(+3) 115(+5)
MAX 0 1240 399 605

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