Dice is a type of armor in Crystal Story II. It improves steal chance (and quality?) and flee rate of the character, and monster drop chance (and quality?).

  • LUCKY! effect will stack if multiple Dice are equipped, according to the change log on the dev's website.
  • (Only one Dice equippable per character)


Name Effect Min Max Upgrade Max Lv
Dice LUCKY! n/a n/a n/a 1


Monster/{Species} Rarity Mode
{Turtles}  ? Hard
Shirtless Wolf  ? Hard
Birdo  ? Hard
Frog King*  ? Hard
Wolf King  ? Hard
Fury  ? -

(Random player here: I got my 4th dice from a Hard Mode Turtle in the Small River area while beating on Frog King, so I can more or less confirm that drop. I was wearing the three other dice at the time.)

(Second random player: I got my second dice from a Hard mode Turtle in Small River, wearing one dice.)

Another random player who spent way too long trying to farm Dice: From my experience, the best places/monsters to farm for Dice (or, some other decent items as a bonus like Start All, Last All, Full Armor, Circlet) are the Holy Cow from Doom Lair, or Giant Worm from Mountain Cave/Cliffside, or Dune Worm from Desert/Zombie Cave/Tunnel. Also, when farming, definitely use the Sleep/Stun & then Steal & then Area/Group Damage strategy - it'll help you get more Crystals (all these enemies drop/allow for stealing of Crystals, which you can then sell for extra profit). To make farming faster, also consider equipping Booster and/or Start All, or if you don't have them then at least maximise your SPD (use other SPD increasing items, or prioritize using your SP to upgrade your SPD stat) - this will allow you to attack earlier, minimise damage suffered and thus spend less time per fight, and thus ultimately make farming faster and slightly less grindy :)

See also: List of enemy species

Note: Someone also developed a [unconfirmed] theory:

"Item drops [wouldn't be] specific to monsters, but, rather, based on the location and difficulty. An exception would be bosses that carry items like RS Fury, etc."

"If you're looking for [Dice], it's best to farm locations rather than bosses. This will give you more SP/Gold while simultaneously netting you the item you seek. This list is incomplete, but the areas listed are definite places to find Dice as a drop."

Location Mode
SnowAurora IslandAbyss* Hard
Sunken Ruins; Lao Prison; Giant LandDoom Lair Normal


Another set of observations:

"I've gotten 4 sets of Dice from doing Abyss runs on Hard mode. Probably drop about 20% of the time. From what I've observed from equipping various amounts (0, 1, 2 and 4), it seems that Dice improves you steal chance from about 1/3 fail to about 1/5 fail. I haven't fled yet. In terms of items stolen, I don't think it improves the quality. It seems that the items an enemy carries are generated at the start of a battle and you get to take one per steal.

However, in terms of drops, Dice also improves the chances you'll get one item per enemy slain. With 4 Dice, I get 1 item per enemy about 95% of the time. I think with 0 Dice, it's about 1/3 of the time I'll get an item, and with 1 Dice, it's about 1/2 the time.

Dropped Item generation does not appear to be affected by Dice, but if you get more items, likelihood is good you'll also get better items per run.

I'm currently working on a theory that is "normal dropped items" like Scrap Metal, Mana Potions, Healing Potions and even Revives; "Components dropped" and then "Better Dropped Items" including Elemental Gems, Armors, Rubies, Sapphires, Topazes, Aquamarines, Dice, Boosters, etc. In my 15+ Abyss runs, I've had about 5-6 Rubies, 6-8 Sapphires, 4 Boosters, 4 Dice, no Mirrors, 1 Monocle, 8 Full Armors, and a bunch of other good things.