Friendly Wisp (40)
Friendly Wisp
HP: 118 / 979(H)
ATK: 27 / 272(H)
MAG: 42 / 428(H)
SPD: 69 / 690(H)
Fire Fire I
Stat Up Attack Up
Stat Up Magic Up
Stat Up Spirit Up
Stat Up Armor Up
Fire: -50%
Water: 200%
Earth: 0%
Wind: 125%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
54 / 216(H)
23 / 708(H)

The Friendly Wisp is alright unfriendly. He cheats in battle and makes his turn first always. He makes the game harder and hacks it too. He destroys Lina's bot in the HackPick levels sometimes. He hates everything quite a lot.



Item      Rarity Mode
Revive 100% Both
Grenade (R/S) 100% Both
Smoke ~50% Both
Fire Charm 5% Both

Drops (All numbers are estimated, based on drops from 20 Friendly Wisps, and might vary.)

Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion I ? Normal
Heal Potion II 5% Normal
Mana Potion I <5% Normal
Revive ? Hard
Grenade 30% Normal
Rocket ? Hard
Smoke 10% Normal
Smoke ? Hard
Fire Charm ? Both



  • This monster is very fast, has a First Strike, and tends to cast buffs first.
  • After battling a Gorgon, a Friendly Wisp and a Mummy (Hard Mode), with four Dice equipped, a Trinket I was dropped.

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