Highguard (138)
HP: 1170 / 4290(H)
ATK: 193 / 689(H)
MAG: 193 / 689(H)
SPD: 286 / 1100(H)
Enemy Skill Entomb
Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
144 / 288(H)
760 / 1520(H)

A Sphynx that did an exceptional job defending the Great Tomb and other tombs, could eventually reach the exalted position of Highguard on Aurora Island. The requirement is directly or indirectly causing the utter defeat of at least 17 would-be adventurers, thieves, grave-robbers, dragons, demons, legal officials, and other unauthorized personnel from entering and proceeding within the tomb that the would-be Highguard guards. Highguard are the elite guard of Aurora Island and possess energy drinks that permanently boost their ATK.



Item Rarity Mode
Revive 36% Normal
Revive ? Hard
Scrap Metal 44% Normal
Scrap Metal ? Hard
Refined Feather 10% Normal
Refined Feather ? Hard
Stat ATK 10% Normal
Stat ATK ? Hard


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion III ? Both
Heal Potion IV ? Hard
Mana Potion III ? Hard
Revive ? Both
Cure Potion ? Both
Stat ATK (rare) Both
Flask ? Both
Grenade (R/S) ? Both
Rocket ? Both
Scrap Metal ? Both
Gem T/Aq ? Both
Sapphire (rare) Hard
Refined Feather ? Both
Circlet I ? ?
Full Armor I (rare) Both
Talisman I (rare) Both
Start ATK ? Hard
Start Strength ? Normal
Last Strength ? ?
Last Agility ? Normal
Start All ? Hard
Dice ? ?
SP Ring ? ?
Wind Gem ? Hard



  • Its possession of Stat ATK allows Highguard to be an excellent source for stat farming, while providing significant amounts of Gold and SP. 
  • Full Armor and Start All are two exceedly useful, if rare, drops.
  • Experience from a random player: after stealing many times from highguard, it seems that each highguard possesses at most 3 items for you to steal.

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