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The Dargon King in his second and third forms can cast Judgement, which appears to reduce all your heroes' hit points to <5%, debuffs all your characters except for Regeneration, and has a chance to nerf your characters.

Fortunately, after using this ability, the Dargon King is reduced to the bottom of the action meter (i.e., this takes a long time to recover).

This ability goes through armor (i.e., Full Armor Tier IV Level 11, etc. will not save you). However, a Guard will reduce the damage taken from Judgement, though you will still want to heal afterwards, making this a nearly moot point.

Dargon king judgment

Holy cow! Is that a meteor?


Panacea and Cures are useful.

Make sure to have characters with group heals such as Heal All, Holy Light, Tonic III (300 HP) / Tonic IV (500 HP) / Tonic V (100% HP).

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