Kaeli is a minor character in Crystal Story II, but was a main character in the first Crystal Story. D and the others first encounter her after a girl asks them to help Kaeli. After Kaeli returns to Warm Yeti, D can accompany her to go see her friend (the same girl that informed them of Kaeli's troubling situation); who had apparently passed away and watched over Kaeli even after death.

Character Info (from Crystal Story)Edit

Kaeli is always bored. She might be slow but her bow says otherwise. She has a sister that works at the Inn, but the rest of the party doesn't know that even though she told them about it.


  • Kaeli had a different appearance in Crystal Story I, this must be the case that Kaeli truly got older.
  • It would seemed that Kaeli has left Mercenary Inc. due to her aspect of being a wanderer around the map of Crystal Story II, though she may still have a connection with her old team.
  • Kaeli, though not shown in the second game, carries a bow. Making her the only ranged character of the first game.
  • Kaeli's successive character is possibly Mari, due to having a ranged weapon, but Lina is also a possible successor, due to both having wind element relate.
  • Kaeli hates talking.

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