Kaz (Artwork)

"Don't get in my way." ~ Kaz, one of his introductory lines

Kaz is one of the four main characters in Crystal Story II: War of the Shattered Sky. He is the Demon prince of Necropolis and a powerful wielder of his cleaving scythe. When the main characters first encounter him, he appears to have been unconscious likely after being overthrown by Rita and Sylandra. He is so enraged after being exiled, that he goes as far as to even attack the party, but calms down later. Although he extremely resents forcing himself to join with D's group for the sake of vanquishing Rita and Sylandra at first, it is noticeable that he does seem to grow a bond with the party as the story progresses.

Starting SkillsEdit

Kaz is the only party member that does not join with a level I class already selected.


  • He appears to be loosely based off of Magus the Fiendlord from Chrono Trigger.
  • After Sylandra is defeated, Kaz visits Orrora with the rest of the party. Although he claims he just respects Orrora, Lina suspects otherwise, pointing out his blushing in front of Orrora.
  • He may be fond of Mari and try to look cool for her, like in the bridge scene where Mari says "It's scary" (or he might just be a bit of a show-off).
  • He is the only customizable character that the player has to fight against, before becoming a member of the party. (The non-customizable character was Reuben).
  • The Scythe on his picture is a level IV Scythe.
  • According to the given storyline, Kaz is possibly the oldest character in the party, for being one of the keepers of Necropolis within an untold duration of time. He's also significantly taller than the other members in the party.
  • Occassionally at the start of a battle, D says "Not this again!", to which (very rarely) Kaz will respond with, "Well maybe you should stop bumping into them!" (referring to the fact that D is the one who bumps into the enemy, thus starting the battle).
  • Occassionally at the start of a battle, Mari says "Good luck everyone!", to which (very rarely) Kaz will respond with, "I don`t need luck".
  • Occasionally at the start of battle, D asks "Ready?" to everybody, which (very rarely) Kaz will respond with "No".
  • Occasionally at the start of battle, Kaz says "This one's mine.", (needs confirmation : Kaz used this line more often when the party is facing the Gorgon kins, as we know he was overthrown by Rita and Sylandra the Gorgon queen) to which (very rarely) Lina will respond with "Not if I get to him first!". Also rarely D will reply "Be my guest."
  • In early concept arts of Crystal Story II, Kaz had a notably different appearance.
  • During development, as seen in this video, Kaz had the name "Kazmael".