Life Zapper
Gun I
Type: HP Steal
Acquired: Alchemy

Life Zapper is a type of weapon in Crystal Story II. It is a gun, and thus can only be used by Mari. It gives its user the VAMPIRIC ability, which heals its user with 10% of the damage done to an enemy when using an attack or skill, physical or magical.


Tier HP ATK MAG SPD Additional
I 0 15(+4) 15(+4) 15(+4) VAMPIRIC
II 0 55(+4) 55(+4) 55(+4) VAMPIRIC
III 0 95(+5) 95(+5) 95(+5) VAMPIRIC
IV 0 145(+5) 145(+5) 145(+5) VAMPIRIC
MAX 0 635 635 635 VAMPIRIC

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