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The list use is the most common use some are also used in alchemy or for other upgrades.

Name Usage Acquired
Scrap Metal Upgrade Armor and Weapon Level Bought in Crystalia, Port Breeze and Warm Yeti, various monsters
Emerald Upgrade Weapons to Tier II Bought in Crystalia, various monsters
Amethyst Upgrade Armors to Tier II Bought in Crystalia, various monsters
Topaz Upgrade Weapons to Tier III Bought in Warm Yeti, various monsters
Aquamarine Upgrade Armors to Tier III Bought in Warm Yeti, various monsters
Ruby Upgrade Weapons to Tier IV
Main article: Ruby
Sapphire Upgrade Armors to Tier IV
Main article: Sapphire


Name Enemy types that Drop/Steal
Root Seedling, Thief #38, Sprout, Thief #103
Tear Kay-9, Bolt, Buggy, Hyena, Mothy, Cerberus, Silky, Harpy, SASQUASH, Pithound, Yeti, Sirin, Dire
Mushroom Zombie, Orc, Ghoul, Gorgon, Blood Orc, Lamia, Wild Boar, Blorc, Medusa
Powder Goblin, Skeleton Armor, Maka, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Prime, Brownie, Evil Skeleton, Evil Skeleton Archer, Evil Skeleton Prime
Shell Crab, Giant Turtle, Gargantuan, Earth Golem, Swamp Turtle, Swamp Crab, Hoofbrute
Smoke Bat, Helper Wisp, Stalker, Fire Bat, Friendly Wisp, Vulture, Scavenger, Fire Wisp, Frost Bat, Lurker, Charger Wisp, Burrower
Slug Earth Slime, Ent, Frog, Fire Slime, Spiderling, Cave Spider, Twig, Poison Frog, Gnoll, Wind Slime, Cold Slime, Frost Spiderling, Frost Widow, Toad, Hunter Gnoll
Venom Zombie, Ghoul, Gorgon, Cave Spider, Lamia, Medusa, Scorpion
Iron Shell Gargantuan, Earth Golem, Thief #38Thief #103,  Convict, Hoofbrute
Fur k-9, Werewolf
Feather Bird
Bone Skeleton, Sphynx
Ash Pithound (volcano), Cerberus
Oil Maka, Scorpion, Whip, Samurai, Frost Samurai, Wind Samurai, Stinger, Flame Samurai
Refined Feather Bird, Sphynx
Essence Djinn, Water Elemental, Earth Golem
Axe Handle Minotaur, BAO, Holy Cow
Blood Werewolf, Rabid Wolf, Shirtless Wolf, Birdo
Broken Sword Samurai, Frost Samurai, Wind Samurai, Flame Samurai
Horn Gargantuan, Behemoth, Hoofbrute
Ancient Bone Skeleton, Skeleton Prime
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