Scrap Metal

Mostly used for upgrading Equipment, but also in some Alchemy recipes.

Item Usage Acquisition
Scrap Metal Upgrade Armor and Weapon Level Bought in  Port BreezeCrystalia and Warm Yeti, various monsters
Emerald Upgrade Weapons to Tier II

Bought in CrystaliaWarm Yeti, certain monsters

Amethyst Upgrade Armors to Tier II Bought in CrystaliaWarm Yeti, certain monsters
Topaz Upgrade Weapons to Tier III Certain monsters
Aquamarine Upgrade Armors to Tier III Certain monsters
Ruby Upgrade Weapons to Tier IV
Main article: Ruby
Sapphire Upgrade Armors to Tier IV
Main article: Sapphire
  • Gem E/Am or T/Aq are to steal/drop from certain monsters (in general, the ones who look important/strong; like Dune Worm, Blood Orc or Bolt(95)...). For more details on acquisition, browse the Bestiary.

Alchemy IngredientsEdit

Item Enemy species for steal Enemy species for drop
Root {Seedlings}, {Thieves} {Seedlings}, {Thieves} ; {Ents}, {Scorpions}
Tear {Bugs}, {Canines}, Bolt(28), {Hounds}, {Harpies} {Bugs}, {Canines}, Bolt(28), {Hounds}, {Harpies}
Mushroom {Zombies}, {Orcs}, {Gorgons}, {Boars} {Zombies}, {Orcs}, {Gorgons}, {Boars}
Powder {Goblins}, {Makas}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons} {Goblins}, {Makas}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons}
Shell {Crabs}, {Turtles}, {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems} {Crabs}, {Turtles}, {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems}
Smoke {Bats}, {Wisps}, {Stalkers}, {Raptors} {Bats}, {Wisps}, {Stalkers}, {Raptors}
Slug {Slimes}, {Frogs}, {Spiderlings}, {Spiders}, {Gnolls} ; {Ents} {Slimes}, {Frogs}, {Spiderlings}, {Spiders}, {Gnolls}
Venom {Zombies}, {Gorgons}, {Spiders} {Zombies}, {Gorgons}, {Spiders}
Iron Shell {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems}, {Thieves} {Gargantuans}, {Earth Golems}, {Thieves}
Fur {Canines}, {Wolves}, {Sasquatches}, Birdo {Canines}, {Wolves}, {Sasquatches}, Birdo
Feather {Raptors}, {Chimerae}, Bolt(95), {Harpies}, {Mythical Birds} {Raptors}, {Chimerae}, Bolt(95), {Harpies}, {Mythical Birds}
Bone {Armored Skeletons}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons} {Armored Skeletons}, {Skeletons}, {Archer Skeletons}
Ash {Worms}, {Hounds} {Worms}, {Hounds}
Oil {Makas}, {Scorpions}, {Samurai} {Makas}, {Scorpions}, {Samurai}
Refined Feather {Sphynxes} Highguard (10%chance) {Sphynxes} Highguard
Essence {Earth Golems}, {Djinns}, {Wind Golems}, {Elementals} {Earth Golems}, {Djinns}, {Wind Golems}, {Elementals}
Axe Handle {Minotaurs} {Minotaurs}
Blood {Wolves}, Birdo {Wolves}, Birdo
Broken Sword {Samurai} {Samurai}
Horn {Gargantuans} {Gargantuans}
Ancient Bone {Armored Skeletons} {Armored Skeletons}
Main article: Alchemy

     See also: List of enemy species

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