Monsters all around the world map can be regrouped into species. A given species appears to possess common traits from one relative to another: behavior on map screen, proportions between stats, some combat skills, and lootable items. 

Especially, it can be assumed that, within a species, the following items will be recurring possible steals/drops: 

  • Stat boosters
  • Flasks
  • Scrap Metal
  • Alchemy Ingredients
  • Equipment pieces

There are also "semi-recurring" steals/drops: the item will "increase" in level depending on the "importance" of the monster within a species (regarding order in the Bestiary and, if need be, Hard Mode...):

  • Heal Potions (I -> II -> III -> IV) 
  • Mana Potions (I -> II -> III)
  • Grenades (R -> S) ( -> Rocket, for some species)
  • Gems (E/Am -> T/Aq) ( -> Ruby or Sapphire, for some species)

​Note: the Bolt species is an utter exception to the rule, as each of the three relatives has its own set of characteristic traits...

Note 2: bosses are not included here, because of the divergence of their traits compared to the species they would be related to (different elemental sensibilities, skills, items,...).

(If anything is inaccurate/missing in any of the above assumptions, feel free to correct/add as you want)


Enemy Species Relatives Generic Appearence Generic Traits
{Slimes} Earth Slime
{Goblins} Goblin
  • Usually has 50 gold to steal
{Ents} Ent
{Bats} Bat
{Wisps} Helper Wisp
  • always has a First Strike in battle
{Zombies} Zombie
{Armored Skeletons} Skeleton Armor
  • Often found with skeleton archers and skeletons
{Crabs} Crab
{Frogs} Frog
{Turtles} Giant Turtle
{Orcs} Orc
{Makas} Maka
{Canines} Kay-9
{Bolts} Bolt 28
{Bugs} Silky
{Seedlings} Seedling
  • Cannot move
  • Heals from water-based attacks
{Gargantuans} Gargantuan 31
  • Pauses for 3s after spoting the player. Then runs at Sprint speed
{Earth Golems} Earth Golem 32
  • Heals from earth-based attacks
{Scorpions} Scorpion
{Stalkers} Stalker
  • Hides underground, making it slightly invisible
{Thieves} Thief 38
  • Usually has 150 gold to steal
{Skeletons} Skeleton
  • Often found with armored skeletons and sketeton archers
{Archer Skeletons} Skeleton Archer
  • Often found with armored skeletons and skeletons
{Raptors} Vulture
{Worms} Giant Worm
  • Hides underground, making it slightly invisible
{Sphynxes} Sphynx
{Mummies} Mummy
  • Always has       Nothing to Steal
{Gorgons} Gorgon
{Djinns} Djinn
{Spiderlings} Spiderling
  • Often live in the same places as Spiders
{Spiders} Cave Spider
  • Often live in the same places as Spiderlings
{Wolves} Werewolf
{Hounds} Cerberus
{Imps} Imp
  • Heals from fire-based attacks
{Succubi} Succubus
{Minotaurs} Minotaur
  • Heals from fire-based attacks
{Gnolls} Gnoll
{Boars} Wild boar
  • Has only a Mushroom to steal
{Chimerae} Chimera
  • Often found with Eagles
{Harpies} Harpy
{Sasquatches} SASQUASH
{Eagles} Wyvern
  • Often found with Chimerae
{Samurai} Samurai
  • Pauses for 3s after spotting the player. Then runs at Sprint speed.
{Wind Golems} Wind Golem
  • Heals from wind-based attacks
{Elementals} Water Elemental

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