Locked Chest

Locked Chests are special treasure chests in Crystal Story II. Unlike normal treasure chests, locked chest must be opened by using the Hackpick 2000 to open them by playing the minigame Hackpicker. Locked chests tend to hold one weapon and usually another useful item or component.

List of Locked ChestsEdit

Area Item(s)
Evil Cave (Floor 2) Heatblade I
Green Plains Shield I
Orange Pass Repair Pistol I
Mine (Floor 3) Airhacker I
Desert Boot I
Great Tomb (Floor 4) Runeblade I
Barrens Giant Cannon I
Dead Forest Demoncutter I
Necropolis (Floor 3) Frostblade I, Amethyst
Green Pass Thunderwing I
Cliffside Wind Pistol I
Wind Tower (Floor 6) Doomslayer I
Snow Bisu I
Icy Forest Hyper Blaster I
Frost Fort (Floor 3) Imphowl I

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