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Warning Edit

This Map Guide contains MAJOR spoilers. Only use this if you're stuck, or don't care about being spoiled. This page contains the following:

  • Loot that will be dropped on the certain map/floor.
  • A floor guide that leads you to the exit.
  • The link to the page that contains info on the map bosses.
  • And whatever else that is on each map.

Great Tomb Edit

Map GreatTombFloor 1

Floor One - Great Tomb

A reminder, this page is IN PROGRESS. If there are things missing, it's most likely because I'm currently working on it. I'm doing this page 
Map GreatTombFloor 2

Floor Two - Great Tomb

alone, anyone can help me, but for the most part, this is being do
Map GreatTombFloor 3

Floor 3 - Great Tomb

ne by only me.

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