Mari (Artwork)

"Good job, everyone!" ~ Mari, one of her victory quotes

Mari is one of the four main characters in Crystal Story II: War of the Shattered Sky. Daughter of the Sheriff in Dustop, who also became a sheriff under him, she is a skilled gunslinger as she proficiently handles two firearms and a capable engineer, who is able to build a robot named Guide.

Despite her prowess wielding firearms, she is very kind-hearted and hesitant. She often regrets attacking before the battle, and apologizing to enemies after such attacks.

Starting SkillsEdit

Mari starts with the class Elementalist I. For a comprehensive list of Spells and Skills see the Spells page.

Due in part to starting out as an Elementalist (as well as her starting weapon being the Rune Shifter), Mari often works best as a magic user (Elementalist, Healer and Trickster classes).

Skill Name Gained From Description
Fire I Elementalist I Fire Magic
Lightning I Elementalist I Wind Magic
Earth I Elementalist I Earth Magic


  • Mari is the only character of the second game to carry a range weapon instead of melee.
  • It appears Mari is possibly the youngest member of the party, belying her intellect as an engineer and gunslinger, as she is the shortest of the party. Her voice is also very...high pitched.
  • The pistols on her picture are level II pistols.
  • Mari seems to be rather fond of Kaz.
  • Occasionally, when Lina says, "Don't fall behind now!" at the beginning of a fight, Mari answers by saying "I'll try my best!".