The RS minions consists of the three items: RS Fury, RS Bunch, and RS Bahumot. The items can be either stolen or looted from each of their individual owners: Fury, Bunch and Bahumot. The drop rate of the items is fairly low, but has a 100% steal chance (upon a successfull steal).


The RS minions are one-use items with each their individual effect.

RS FuryEdit

Last of the three RS minions, RS Fury is an in-combat, single target wind attack. Lightning strikes an enemy of choice upon use and deals 2500-3500 damage.

RS BunchEdit

The RS Bunch is an in-combat, physical AoE attack that damages all enemies. The visuals of the attack are the same as that of Kaz's Tier II power-attack: Hurricane, with the exception that a sprite of Bunch punces through the enemies. The attack does between 2000-3000 damage.

RS BahumotEdit

The RS Bahumot buffs all heroes in the players party with Attack UpMagic UpArmor UpSpirit Up, and Regen All. The buffs correspond to 56 mana points worth of spells.

The item can be used both in and out of battle:

  1. When used in battle, the sprite of Bahumot appears and the effects are applied.
  2. When used out of battle, all heroes will start with the afformentioned effects in next encounter.

This is the only RS item out of the three that can be used out of combat.


While the two damage-dealing RS minions do not propose any new strategical advances due to the spells already being in the player's possesion, the RS Bahumot has a unique effect which can be used in further encounters, most likely that with Koohii. As the item can be used in advance of a fight, it can potentially be used to gain the early footing necessary for even having a chance at defeating Koohii, as she tends to wipe out the player with AoE attacks before he/she even gets their turn. Seeing as Spirit Up increases magical defense and the Regen All heals players over time, the RS Bahumot not only serves as a defense, but can offer the player much needed time to set up an attack.

Despite being a unique item, the player can have an infinite amount of RS Bahumots in one's inventory, meaning that when the buffs run out mid-battle, a new one can be used, given that enough were acquired before the encounter.

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