Reuben is a character in Crystal Story II who was a main character in the original Crystal Story. He attacks D after seeing his dragon-like features and believes he is a monster. However, when D wins and explains he's trying to save Lina, Reuben instantly goes creeper mode and asks D if she's hot as well as for her Facebook page (which was clearly a fourth-wall shattering joke). Reuben's odd persistence with females does go on from this as well; as he later lightly flirts with Mari. He also wears a fake beard to look like an old man, accompanies D without asking until Lina is rescued, and then mysteriously disappears. 

When Reuben accompanies D, he has 1000 HP and 65 MP.

He has the following spells:

Water II

Blizzard I


Regen All



Slow All


Character Info (from Crystal Story)Edit

Reuben loves gold and women. His dream is to become the evil final boss in an RPG, but without the ugly transformations. Right now, he is working really hard to get more gold.

Boss StatsEdit

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  • Reuben is the least likely character to fool the players with his "old age", due to the contradictory color of his head hair, and a string running on his face.
  • His successor for Crystal Story II is Kaz.