SP Ring
SP Ring is a type of armor in Crystal Story II. It doubles the SP quantity gained by the character.

  • The SP bonus is given to the wearer regardless of which character gives the killing blow in a fight.
  • Note that the bonus SP will not appear explicitly in the reward window after a won fight.
  • (Only one SP Ring equippable per character)


Name Effect Min Max Upgrade Max Lv
SP Ring EXP BONUS +100% +100% n/a 1


Monster/{Species} Rarity Mode
Skywind (rare) 3 Dice Hard
BAO*  ? Hard
Water Elemental ? Hard
Holy Cow  ? -
Frost Chimera  ? Hard
Froezen  ? Hard
Birdo  ? Hard
Bat King  ? Hard
Fury  ? -
Bunch  ? -

(*confirmed with screenshot as proof here. Note that Dice was equipped during the battle.)

  • Stolen from Mummy King on Hard Mode;
  • Dropped in battle vs 2 {swamp turtles} and a {sprout} on Hard Mode (2 dice equipped);
  • [unconfirmed] assumed to drop from Highguard;
  • [unconfirmed] assumed to drop from Bolt(95) on Hard Mode;
  • [unconfirmed] assumed to drop from {Samurai} on Hard Mode;
  • [unconfirmed] assumed to drop from Fire Spirit on Hard Mode;
  • [unconfirmed] suspected to drop from {Wolves} on Hard Mode;
  • [unconfirmed] suspected to drop from {Bat} on Hard Mode;

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