Sapphire is a component which is used to upgrade Armors to Tier IV.

  • Sapphires (as well as Rubies) can only be farmed after defeating the Dargon King.


  • Found as a rare item in the last fishing location, between Lao Prison and Light Tower.
  • You can obtain a Sapphire at the Mercenary Defense after beating level 7 (can be done multiple times, but drop chance is only <2%).
  • As a part of Generic Quest, one is found in a chest together with the Generic Water in Landing (note: previous generic components must have been found in order for the chest to appear).
  • Dropped by:
Monster/{Species} Rarity Mode
Giant Turtle ? Hard
Swamp Turtle ? Hard
Dune Worm ? Hard
Blood Orc ? Hard
Bolt ? Hard
Wyvern ? Hard
{Samurai} ? Hard
Highguard ? Hard
Hoofbrute ? Hard
Holy Cow ? Hard
Bahumot ? -
  • Dropped when battling 1 Skywind, 1 Shirtless Wolf, and 1 Froezen in the Abyss on Hard Mode (with 2 Dice equipped).
  • [unconfirmed] Assumed to drop from {Turtles} on Hard Mode;
  • Once stolen from Frog King on Hard Mode.
  • Dropped in Wind Tower on Hard Mode;
  • Drop by Dirgeblow in Giant Land with 1 Dice equipped.

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