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Smart Defender
Gun I
Type: Guard
Acquired: Alchemy

Smart Defender is a type of weapon in Crystal Story II. It is a gun, and thus can only be used by Mari. It gives its user the GUARD PLUS ability, which increases the effectiveness of Guard :

- defense bonus of Guard (~25%) increased to ~50%

- damage reflection added (75% of self ATK stat, reflected onto enemy who attacked ; independent of damage received)


Tier HP ATK MAG SPD Additional
I 25(+3) 10(+3) 10(+2) 15(+4) GUARD PLUS
II 50(+5) 40(+3) 30(+2) 55(+4) GUARD PLUS
III 100(+10) 70(+4) 50(+3) 95(+5) GUARD PLUS
IV 200(+15) 110(+5) 80(+4) 145(+5) GUARD PLUS
MAX 1670 600 472 635 GUARD PLUS

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