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Sphynx (46)
HP: 390 / 2730(H)
ATK: 55 / 413(H)
MAG: 55 / 413(H)
SPD: 88 / 660(H)
Enemy Skill Entomb
Fire: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 100%
Wind: 100%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs
72 / 216(H)
66 / 1140(H)

This is one of the many Sphynxes that guard one of the tombs. He wants to become a Highguard soon. The requirement is directly or indirectly causing the utter defeat of at least 17 would-be adventurers, thieves, grave-robbers, dragons, demons, legal officials, and other unauthorized personnel from entering and proceeding within the tomb that the would-be Highguard guards. Luckily, he's already defeated 14. Unluckily, no one's raiding anymore, and he's getting bored.


(All numbers are estimated and might vary.)


Item Rarity Mode
Revive 100% Normal
Revive ? Hard
Stat ATK 40% Normal
Stat ATK ? Hard
Scrap Metal 100% Normal
Scrap Metal ? Hard
Refined Feather ~45% Normal
Refined Feather ? Hard


Item Rarity Mode
Heal Potion I ? Normal
Heal Potion II 5% Normal
Mana Potion I <5% Normal
Mana Potion III ? Hard
Revive 20% Normal
Revive ? Hard
Cure Potion <5% Normal
Cure Potion ? Hard
Stat ATK 5% Normal
Stat ATK ? Hard
Flask <5% Normal
Flask ? Hard
Grenade 20% Normal
Scrap Metal 5% Normal
Gem E/Am (rare) Normal
Gem T ? Hard
Refined Feather ? Both
Circlet I (rare) Normal
Circlet I ? Hard
Last Agility ? Hard



  • The Sphynx both drops and carries Stat ATK, which makes it excellent to farm.
  • After battling a Sphynx and a Skeleton Archer, with a Dice equipped, a Wind Charm was dropped.

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