Tristam is a minor character in Crystal Story II, who was a main character in the first Crystal Story. He is also called "Old Tristam". He is the leader of Mercenary Inc.

Character Info (Crystal Story I)Edit

As the leader of Mercenary Inc., he ensures that all customers are taken care of. He is a very polite fellow, but not very smart. Things that amuse him include things that explodesic, the color red, and spaghetti.


  • Tristam is the lead character in Crystal Story I, having similar abilities and powers to D.
  • According to him, he can be called "Old Tristam" "for short".
  • *Spoiler* Though Tristam may appear old at first, he is actually surprisingly young. The beard is actually fake since a wire is concealed between the right-upper end of his beard while the other end is pointing at the middle edge of his hair.
    • This hints that the timeline of Crystal Story I moved to its sequel in only a couple years (as confirmed by Lina when she talks about the Legendary Hiro's feat from 2 years ago).
    • He is the most believable character to have aged quickly, since Tristam is normally Albino at his young age in the first game.