Wind Samurai (160)
Wind Samurai
HP: 2940
ATK: 526
MAG: 491
SPD: 660
Cleave Cleave
Enemy Skill Blink
Lightning Lightning I
Fire: 75%
Water: 125%
Earth: 125%
Wind: 75%
Phys: 100%
Strong Vs
Resist Vs

 Wind Samurai is kind of a swindler : during the casting for Crystal Story II, while filling in his Bestiary form, he wrote the skill Blink twice. When the authorities realised it, they arrested him and sent him to Lao Prison for the rest of his life. Administrative fraud really doesn't pay off !... 


(Percentages estimated after 100 Samurai, without Dice ; real percentages may differ.)


Item Rarity
Flask 100%
Scrap Metal 100%
Gem T/Aq 100%
Oil 25%
Broken Sword 30%
Start ATK 5%
Last ATK 5%


Item Rarity
Heal Potion IV 2%
Mana Potion III 10%
Cure Potion 4%
Flask 4%
Grenade (R/S) 15%
Rocket 1%
Scrap Metal 30%
Gem T/Aq 5%
Ruby ?
Sapphire <1%
Oil 5%
Broken Sword 4%
Circlet I 1%
Full Armor I <1%
Talisman I <1%
Start ATK 3%
Start Strength 1%
Last Strength 1%
Start Wisdom 1%
Last Wisdom 1%
Start Agility 1%
Last Agility 1%
Start All <1%
Last All <1%
SP Ring <1%



  • Like all samurai, Wind Samurai in the field will notice you almost immediately: they can see you being further away than an horizontal 2/3 of the screen ; so if you enter vertically (upward or downward) a room with a Samurai in it, he will spot you no matter his position.
  • But then, they have a long movement delay before chasing you (about 3s), but have an extremely high chase speed : almost as fast as you with Sprint activated.
  • Samurai generally appear in group of one or two ; hardly ever will you meet three of them in one room.
  • (Although Heal Potions III should logically be droppable, none was obtained over a sample of 100 Samurai...)
  • (Drop rates of Ruby, Sapphire, Full Armor, Talisman, Start All, Last All and SP Ring estimated inferior to 1%: probably require some Dice to drop.)

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