"At last... our moment has come... The Dragons will suffer for what they have done... And this world shall remember the name... Z! ~ Z, last lines of Cutscene 56

Z is a character in Crystal Story II. He appears in a cut-scene triggered after beating Doom Lair. He is hinted to be a future villain in the Crystal Story series. It is revealed that Rita was working under Z's orders, at least during the events of Crystal Story II. It is also revealed that he has been planning to exact his revenge against the Dragons for unknown reasons.


  • He is similar to D as they both have names which are only one letter.
  • He appears to be human-like with Dargon features while D is human-like with Dragon features. Since it is already shown what Dargons look like, Z may have taken the form of a human and D may have taken the form of a human as well to blend in, even though they are still easily seen to not be completely human.
  • In early concept artworks for Crystal Story II, a figure resembling Z can be seen. This suggests that Z may have originally been the main antagonist of Crystal Story II but was changed. It is highly unlikely that he was going to be another party member as the game stuck by its 4 member team. (Based on some comments from Steam users, this guy is the final boss of the expansion.)
  • It's possible that Z is a parody of Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Both of their names start with Z and Z's clothes resemble Lord Zedd's design. This is backed up by Witch Rita, who is likely a parody of Rita Repulsa, who was Lord Zedd's wife.


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